Development Initiatives

The Senior Public Service supports several development initiatives, details of which are included below.

  • LDS
  • Coaching

An important element of the SPS Leadership Development Strategy is the provision of executive coaching to assist in strengthening senior management and leadership capacity across the civil service.

The SPS Executive Coaching Programme is rolled out each year and the cost of 3 participants per Department is covered by the SPS Secretariat. One-to-one coaching provides participants with the opportunity to progress key goals and develop a 12 month development plan with an experienced professional coach. To date over 150 senior managers from across the Civil Service and also, CEOs of Non-Commercial State Agencies are participating on the programme. Over 50 SPS members took part in last year’s programme and the pilot programme. Please contact us in the SPS if you are interested in participating in the coaching programme.  Contact Us

The SPS Management Committee decided in 2013 that all newly appointed Assistant Secretaries should participate in the Executive Coaching Programme.

  • SPS Executive Leadership Programme In 2016, a pilot Talent Management programme was launched for Senior Public Service grades in the Civil Service under Action 10 of the Civil Service Renewal Plan. The SPS Executive Leadership Programme was developed to encourage, support and develop those at senior management levels who are interested in progression to a higher level, to ensure that they are in a position to compete for top level posts across the public service.The programme, developed in conjunction with Roffey Park, includes a Development Centre, structured learning and development modules, coaching and mentoring supports and for some participants, managed mobility.  A similar programme has been developed at Principal Officer level.  Please contact us at if you would like more information on the programmes.
  • Mobility

Mobility is a means of supporting individual development and of meeting the aim of creating a shared sense of purpose and focus at senior levels.

Since 2012 it has been a requirement that all vacancies at Assistant Secretary and equivalent levels within the Civil Service should be considered for mobility under the Senior Public Service (SPS) mobility protocol in the first instance.

The current mobility protocol is available here Revised Protocol on Mobility.

All eligible members of the SPS are kept informed of mobility opportunities as they arise.

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